The Bernie Scholarship Awards Program

Founded in 1995 by Bernie Tetreault, a former Executive Director of the Housing Opportunity Commission (HOC), THE BERNIE SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS PROGRAM is a component fund of the Community Foundation of the National Capital Region, a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization whose goal is to change lives through education for low-income students who live in subsidized rental housing in Montgomery County, Maryland.

The program fulfills this goal by providing financial support to augment traditional financial aid.

​We support students' drive, persistence, courage and resilience.

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Bernie Scholarship Awardees left to right:
Yvette Hammond, single mom who completed her B.S. & is now in a Masters degree program, employed with benefits in Community Health & new homeowner;
Kimberly Hanson, new Bernie Board member & daughter of a single mom, completed her B.S. in biology & is working on  a Masters degree; Maryamawit Abate, in her second year at Montgomery College in the Registered Nurse program.