2018 Awards Speech – H. Sluyter

I am a mother of 2 in my late 20s. I have a degree in paralegal studies and business management. Currently, I’m pursing a degree in law.

At least once a week I hear “How do you do it?” from my friends, colleagues and family.

This last year was one of the hardest, but most rewarding years I’ve ever had.

March 2017 – I found out I was pregnant. Parents know the 1st 3 months is the toughest.

August – Started a new semester with 3 classes. One I had to drive to Baltimore after work.

September – Relocated grandma to Montgomery County. At this time I am approaching my last trimester.

October – I planned and had my baby shower.

December – Bought a new car, completed finals, and had my baby.

January – Began buying a new home. Started another semester w/3 classes, baby only 3 weeks old.

February – Returned back to work, received a promotion.

March – Had surgery and closed on my home.

April – Baby started daycare.

This Month – I moved and completed finals.

I still was able to assist family and friends, with law issues, credit and resumes.

I stand in front of you with A’s and B’s.

So how do I do it? How do you make all this happen?


Strategic time management.

Short term sacrifices for my long term dream.

Late nights.


Internal will to succeed and not give up on my investment.

Dedication – reminding myself that these hurdles will soon be over and my classes would still be there.

Being extremely resourceful.

I was also very strategic when I asked others for help. The help I had was very limited, so I had to use it wisely.

Learning from my failures.

I’m going to tell you the same thing I tell them, you can do it too. If you’re dedicated and really want something, no one or anything will get in your way. I hope I inspired you. Keep your head up and do not give up. Thank you for listening.

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