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Did you know that financial assistance is available for you to pursue your passion, whether it is your dream to go to college, continue interrupted education, or go to a vocational school to get the training you need?

We know college or vocational schools is hard. We know that cost has been rising, and Pell Grants that use to cover 66 percent of college cost is now only covering 15 percent. It is challenging to balance jobs and academics. We know young folks are becoming more burdened with debt.  And we know that lack of money or other financial aid is becoming a significant obstacle for young people who want to pursue their dreams or moms and dads who had to put their dreams on hold to take care of family obligations.

That is why the Bernie Scholarship Awards Program was established in 1995 and is specifically here to help low-income graduating high schoolers and other adults living in subsidized housing in Montgomery County achieve their dreams!

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Learn about when you can apply, application and eligibility requirements by following the link here.

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