It’s Volunteer Week!

The Montgomery County Volunteer Center's 50+ Volunteer Network can help you find volunteer opportunities that fit your particular combination of skills, interests, and availability. The program's advisers will help you determine not just what you can do, but what you want to do, and connect you to these options at nonprofits and government agencies.

In just one year, the program has placed hundreds of volunteers at a broad range of agencies in a variety of opportunities as tutors, courtroom monitors, professional coaches, counselors, communications and marketing specialists, grant writers, IT consultants, board members, attorneys, event planners, intake coordinators, mediators, mentors, program managers, strategic planners, tax preparers, and more.

Want to hear from 50+ Volunteer Network volunteers about their experiences? Watch this video highlighting several of the program's volunteers and the agencies they serve. Then, email [email protected] and get started!