In Their Words – Updates from our Awardees

Serena G. Spickler 2017 Awardee

The school year at UMBC has been great so far! I made plenty of friends within the STEM field in the Center for Women in Technology Living Learning Community in my building. I have been very studious and dedicated toward my success at this school, since this campus focuses primarily on academics, as opposed to having a focus on parties and social events.

I still have been able to make time for some social activities, including getting more involved with the Jewish youth organization on campus, Hillel. I began an internship with Hillel this month, where I help plan social events that unite the Jewish community with other organizations on campus. I am really enjoying my involvement with Hillel so far!

I have also joined a research study on campus that involves studying brain waves and their connection to different parts of the body to perform different functions. I am very excited to begin my work with this research program on Thursday, as I feel it will help me figure out if I still want to pursue biomedical engineering.

Delphina Amon-Kotey 2017 Awardee

I wanted to check in and say thank you for granting me this scholarship. It helped my dad and I be able to pay for this semester without taking out too many loans. The semester is going well. I plan on applying again for the next awards.

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